Andira is a private pharmaceutical technology company commercializing breakthrough advancements for infection control and other high unmet need healthcare indications.

  • Andira has developed the world’s first broad-spectrum triple synergy antibiotic, and is the only company holding two validated, patent-protected triple synergy infection control technologies that improve the efficacy of standard-of-care, FDA-approved agents already in medical use worldwide. 
  • Andira is targeting near-term market approval of Matrix3™ Shield for surgical site infection (SSI), an advanced wound care medical device demonstrating over 1,000,000 X improved anti-bacterial performance versus the standard-of-care. With medical research indicating current infection control products lack efficacy, coupled with increasing antimicrobial resistance, the need for improved infection control in healthcare settings is at an all-time high. 
  • Andira holds a diversified pipeline of healthcare innovations and a global intellectual property portfolio covering infection control, cancer therapy and enhanced drug delivery.

Andira endeavors to raise the standard of medical care by applying synergistic amplification to improve existing treatments and deliver breakthrough, next-generation healthcare products.

Andira improves the efficacy of existing standard-of-care pharmaceuticals by applying synergistic amplification using a validated R&D platform. The resulting breakthrough innovations are uniquely positioned having a lesser barrier to market entry and pre-established global markets, being improved next-generation versions of standard-of-care agents already relied upon in the healthcare industry.

Andira’s lead product line for infection control is Matrix3™ Shield, an anti-infective medical device for advanced wound care. The underlying breakthrough technology is Matrix3™, a triple synergy silver-based antibiotic, shown to have over 1,000,000 times improved anti-bacterial efficacy versus conventional antimicrobial silver. Silver-based medical devices, wound dressings, surface coatings and topically applied drug products are used worldwide as a healthcare standard for infection control, despite medical research indicating these conventional silver products lack efficacy. Antimicrobial silver wound care products are a $1.28 billion market, with a high unmet need for new products with improved efficacy.

Silver-based Matrix3TM represents a dramatic scientific breakthrough, being the world’s first broad-spectrum triple synergy antibiotic, positioned as a highly improved form of silver and suitable for all silver’s current medical uses.  Learn more about Matrix3™ and Andira’s portfolio of pharmaceutical technologies below.

Product Development

Matrix3™ for Infection Control

Andira’s anti-infective Matrix3TM triple synergy technology provides faster onset and improved efficacy against drug-resistant bacteria including MRSA and Pseudomonas. Matrix3TM Shield is Andira’s lead infection control product for advanced wound care.

Hospital Acquired Infections

Our Hospital Infections program is advancing an injectable product for Drug-Resistant Enterococcus (“VRE”) – a life-threatening hospital-acquired infection.


Andira uses the most translational research techniques available to optimize treatments to address Metastatic Breast Cancer.


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