Andira Pharmaceuticals Secures Exclusive Worldwide License for Cannabinoid Antibiotics and Drug Delivery Systems

Vancouver, July 7, 2021– Andira Pharmaceuticals today announces it has secured an exclusive worldwide license for a portfolio of three cannabinoid antibiotic technologies along with their complementary drug delivery systems designed to prevent and treat multi-drug resistant infections.

The license was granted by the University of British Columbia (UBC). Inventors of the technologies include Andira President & CEO, Dr. Dana Lambert, along with Prof. Charles Thompson, Prof. Helen Burt and John Jackson, all from UBC.

“This patent portfolio is a keystone of Andira’s plan to provide breakthrough therapies that address multi-drug resistant infections, which remain one of the greatest unmet medical needs globally,” said Andira President & CEO Dr. Dana Lambert. “We are grateful for the opportunity to develop these urgently needed treatments. Andira will be providing further updates as they become available.”

The company is advancing intravenously-administered and topically-administered cannabinoid antibiotics towards the clinic through an ongoing Collaborative Research Agreement with UBC. Pre-clinical studies have demonstrated the lead therapies have rapid bactericidal activity against their multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacterial targets as well as a variety of other disease-causing pathogens commonly encountered in healthcare settings. The cannabinoid antibiotics were further shown to eliminate bacterial resistance to standard-of-care antibiotics through a synergistic mechanism. An additional feature of the cannabinoid formulations is their activity against bacterial biofilms – which are currently difficult to treat with conventional antibiotics and an important cause of treatment failure and mortality in hospitalized patients. Andira is working to complete further dosing and toxicology studies in order to advance the first cannabinoid antibiotic into clinical trials.

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Andira Pharmaceuticals is a science-driven company focused on translating in-depth research into effective healthcare solutions for patients. Andira has significantly advanced the frontiers of knowledge on the pharmacotherapeutic properties of cannabinoids and built an extensive intellectual property portfolio to support its pharmaceutical development programs.

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