Andira Hires MCRA to Guide Regulatory Approval Process for Anti-Microbial Wound Care Adhesive

Vancouver, BC Canada – Andira Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce it has retained MCRA LLC, a world leading global medical device, regulatory and clinical research consulting firm based in Washington, DC, to consult and provide guidance during the regulatory approval process for its anti-microbial wound care adhesive which offers significantly enhanced protection against drug-resistant bacteria.

Andira Founder and CEO, Dana Lambert, PhD says, “There is a tremendous need for superior wound care products that can offer protection against drug-resistant bacteria. Our products do that. We chose MRCA to work with us through the approval process because of their expertise in wound care regulations across the U.S., Europe and other large international markets.”

The global wound care market is projected to reach $25B in value by 2026.  Drug-resistant superbugs like Methicillin-Resistant Staph aureus (MRSA), which causes 70 percent of skin and soft tissue infections, and Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE) present serious challenges for infection control.

The current anti-microbial wound care market is crowded with mildly effective silver-based and non-silver-based products. Dr. Lambert explains, “Adding select cannabinoids to silver dramatically enhances silver’s anti-bacterial properties. What we’ve developed is a next-generation wound care line that offers a much higher level of anti-microbial protection.” Andira’s patent-pending cannabinoid-enhanced silver formula has been shown to fully eradicate MRSA bacteria within 2 hours and has over 3,000 times the bacterial killing power of silver alone. The broad-spectrum anti-microbial formula has been incorporated into a patent-pending gel-forming wound care adhesive, designed for use in personal first-aid care as well as hospital settings.

MCRA has a seasoned team of specialized talent to support Andira through every step in the regulatory process. They have worked with over 50 companies on 125 projects relating to wound care.  “Additionally,” says Dr. Lambert, “they have international regulatory expertise that will help us gain approvals in important foreign markets. We are eager to get these much-needed products to market and look forward to working with MCRA toward that goal.”

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