Dramatically improving the efficacy and safety of medical treatments by leveraging the power of natural compounds, our therapeutic platform is generating a consistent stream of urgently-needed solutions for both consumer and hospital-based medical indications.

Achieving healing and improving lives is at the forefront of our efforts and continuously drives us forward

Our novel pharmacotherapeutic platform uncovers and optimizes pharmacologic synergies between natural compounds and existing medical treatments – dramatically improving the efficacy and safety of existing therapies across multiple applications, including dermatology, hospital-acquired infection, and oncology.

We can offer people safer and more effective treatment options, faster.

Why natural compounds to
enhance existing treatments?

Simply put: Natural compounds can offer improved efficacy and safety, plus reduced development time and cost.

Andira’s pharmacotherapeutic platform uniquely focuses on standard-of-care treatments that are sub-optimal, and identifies how to make them more effective and safer using natural compounds. The resulting novel formulations produce synergistic enhancement of existing, approved treatments. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Improved pharmacologic response
  • Faster onset of action, faster healing
  • Overcoming antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
  • Less drug is required for efficacy
  • Improved safety
  • Less risk of adverse drug reactions

The use of natural compounds – including some pre-cleared by regulatory bodies – also reduces development timelines and costs. This allows us to address critical illnesses faster – so we can improve lives by leading the delivery of safer and more effective therapies.